Why Wretch 32 Is An Inspiration For Dreamers

Why Wretch 32 Is An Inspiration For Dreamers


This one is for the Dreamers, the achievers, the 9-5ers and the can't get a break-ers.

If ever you needed one, Tottenham-based rapper Wretch 32 should be your reason to never give up chasing your dream.

Born in 1985, Wretch has definitely seen his fair share of trials and tribulations judging by his music.

And after a string of successful hit albums and singles including; Wretchrospective, Black and White, Don't Go and Traktor, Wretch was on the map.

The north London artist has been smashing the scene for well over a decade but as of late, his recent hits such as Antwi, Liberation and All A Dream have put him in a league of his own.

This week he released his long-awaited album, Growing Over Life and to tell you the truth, I've never been more impressed.

The morale of the story is - despite hiccups, background and race - with hard work, you can achieve anything.

We are all one - dreamers.

Check out Wretch 32's 'Growing Over Life' Album on Spotify

Written by: @wordsbyjosh


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