Leicester City: From Relegation woes to Premier League Champions #Dreamersoftheweek

Premier league minnows Leicester City proved it pays to dream big earlier this week as they stunned the nation by winning the clubs first ever Premier League title in the clubs 132-year history. 
Despite picking up a draw at Old Trafford on Sunday and being seven points clear at the top of the table, the Foxes were no doubt praying that Chelsea would be their lifeline in Monday's game against Spurs. 
A late strike from Hazard meant Spurs could only muster a point from their London derby - but it was enough for Leicester City to be crowned champions. 
A year ago, the new Premier League winners were battling relegation at the other end of the table after being promoted following a decade away from top flight football. 
They may not have the most highest paid players - but Leicester City are the product of dreaming big and working hard. It goes to show - just because you may be an underdog, doesn't mean you can't achieve greatness. Let nothing hold you back. 

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